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kedrewards LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and you Offer rewards when you purchase certain Keds products from third parties who sell our products or from us. Sneakers on Amazon for USD 100 and then use a promotional code that earns points towards future purchases on other sites related to Keds products. those points will be added as credits toward another reward redemption opportunity at any time during these 12 months.


Kedrewards is a loyalty program that rewards members with points for their purchases and activities.

The Program has several tiers of benefits, including:

Gold Membership – This tier offers members the highest number of rewards. It includes an annual fee of $99 per year (or $9 per month) plus taxes and fees. which are waived if you pay monthly instead! You also get access to special offers from merchants like Starbucks or Amazon Prime, which might not be available otherwise; these include free shipping on certain items purchased through kedrewards sites like Groupon etc., discounted flights on airlines such as Southwest Airlines or United Airlines; additional discounts on hotels when traveling abroad; additional discounts at restaurants around town where they offer special deals during off-peak times like lunchtime or happy hour.

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To be eligible for the cash rewards program, you must meet the following requirements:

You must have an email address.

You must have a valid, public and active Facebook account (excluding pages), Instagram account, or Twitter one of those platforms; please note that we will require you to link your new DashRewards wallet with it before we can activate it on your Account.

How to Join and Participate

Joining the Program is easy. To join, go to the Keds Rewards website and click on the “Join Now” button in the top right corner of your then create an account with us (this is how we can contact you if there’s ever a problem).

Once logged into your Account, you’re ready to redeem points! You can redeem them for any amount of money using PayPal or Venmo. Suppose you choose PayPal or Venmo as a payment method when checking out at a retailer that accepts payments via those platforms (like Amazon). In that case, they will charge their fees from their end and deduct those funds from what they owe us—in other words: don’t worry about paying extra fees!

Earning Points/Rewards

Earning Points/Rewards

Purchase Keds products. Merchandise and a bonus of 2 points when you add your new keds account to your existing rewards program.

Sign up to receive emails from us (1 point). This can be done by clicking the “I want this email” link in any email that includes our contact information or by contacting us directly at [email protected]

Refer friends (10 points). Referral codes, they’ll also get 10 points! You can find these codes here:

Use of Points/Rewards

Points/Rewards can be redeemed for the following:

Rewards to redeem for yourself.

for friends or family members.

for charities or community groups.

that are earned through activities such as driving, walking, and shopping at local merchants (e.g., restaurants)

General Provisions

Points are not transferable, have no cash value, and may only be redeemed for purchases at REWARDS-participating merchants. Points are awarded by our Program Terms & Conditions.

Following their date of issue (e.g., if you earned a point on October 1st, 2018, it will expire on December 31st, 2018).

As a member of the Program,


you will earn points that may be redeemed for kedrewards products and other rewards available on our Website at In addition, we may also offer opportunities from time to time to earn additional Points or redeem your Points for special perks, promotions, and offers.


To join the Program, visit Completing the registration process on the Website. When creating your Account, we will ask you for personal information such as your name and products and promotions made available through our Site or other programs offered by Keds. If at any time during this process, it becomes necessary for us to contact you via telephone or text message instead of emailing directly from our Site.

Then all communications will come from a third-party vendor hired by us who services these calls between 7:00 am – 9:30 pm EST Monday thru Friday excluding holidays. Otherwise, messages sent would result in our inability to fulfill obligations under this Agreement due solely to technical failure-related issues without fault on our part herewith.


That it helps you get the most out of your membership in the Keds Rewards Program, however, please be sure to read our Terms & Conditions carefully.


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